Recycling and reuse
for a sustainable solution

How we dispose obsolete uniforms makes an important part of the environmental sustainability.

Circularity and recycling
of uniform garments

To us, and many of our customers, it is important to find solutions on how to dispose of used and obsolete uniforms in the most environmentally friendly way.

We wish to guide our customers towards sustainability, and we therefore take active part in different projects concerned with circular economy and recycling.

We are part of a pilot project facilitated by the Odense Waste Management Company responsible for the recycling stations in Odense, Denmark. We donate obsolete uniforms for projects concerned with garbage sorting and circular economy, benefitting e.g. socio-economic organizations in the local community.

We also donate uniform garments for educational purposes to gain insights on how our customers can prolong the active life of the garments.

For more info on the ongoing projects, please get in touch.

From design to end-of-life
A sustainable solution

We recommend our customers to think sustainability into the uniform solution in the development and design phase. Designing for longevity and durability makes a sustainable and long-lasting uniform solution benefitting the airline and wearers for a long time.

Besides the durability, fiber and fabric choice is important concerning the recycling of the uniforms after use. A blended fabric is harder to recycle as it consists of more than one fiber. However, technology evolves fast, and we keep close track of the development of textile and garment recycling. This enables us to guide our customers towards a sustainable solution – from design to end-of-life.

We do not claim to have all the answers. However, we strive to become further enlightened every day and share progress, possibilities and findings with our customers. Developing uniforms that are easy to recycle and dispose of in a responsible manner is not only important to our customers and us – but to the planet, the people and the profit as well.  

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