The internal efforts
for sustainability

At our headquarters in Denmark, we seek to reduce our impact on the environment.

Corporate responsibility
at the Olino headquarters

Environmental sustainability is more than products, materials and recycling processes. We can do much with our everyday behavior – and we focus very much on our internal efforts at Olino.

Optimization of production processes, waste sorting and reduction of excess materials from production are all important factors when reducing our environmental impact

We walk the talk in terms of the corporate responsibility. We ask our subcontractors to operate in accordance with internationally recognized principles for sustainable development – and we do the same. In our Code of Conduct, which we ask our subcontractors to sign before conducting business, we ask our business partners to live up to global standards of human rights and labor rights. This is concerned with the social sustainability, which we value highly in our corporate responsibility. 

In our Code of Conduct, our subcontractors are asked to adverse impacts on environmental principles as well.

Environmental principles
for a sustainable business

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we manage all potential and significant impacts on the external environment. As we ask our subcontractors to do the same, internally we do it too.

At Olino, we work with our environmental impact in different ways at the workplace. Efforts might seem small on a daily basis but summed up it makes a difference on our environmental impact. We work with different factors of optimizing the work place, e.g.:

  • We sort our garbage and have separate paper bins to make recycling easier.
  • Plastic cups and plates are not used at Olino, and all employees limit their use of porcelain tableware to save water for dishes.
  • In battling the amount of excess fabric from production at our headquarters in Odense, we use a laser cutter for minimizing waste.

We actively involve employees in the development of new internal initiatives to support the planet, the people and the profit.

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