Durable uniform solutions
to meet customer needs

A durable uniform solution ensures longevity of the uniform garments for our customers.

Design and development
for durability

We believe that the most effective way to reduce the impact of our and our customers’ businesses is to extend the life of the uniform garments. This offsets new production – and thereby we save resources and spare the planet of unnecessary pollution.

Our main priority is designing and developing for durability. A durable solution prolongs the garment’s active lifetime and makes a sustainable uniform solution for our customers. It saves resources and battles the challenge of exaggerated production and over consumption.

Sustainable textiles and avoidance of harmful chemicals are important factors in creating sustainable clothing solutions. However, longevity and production on demand – as opposed to fast fashion and over production – are sustainable efforts as well.

At Olino, we dress our customers in high quality uniforms and we gladly guide them in choosing the best solution to cater to their needs.

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Life prolongation
of uniform garments

Besides using piece goods of the highest quality free from harmful chemicals, we also prolong the life of our uniforms with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating.

The BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating ensures longer life and greater durability of the treated garments. This strengthens the sustainability of the uniform battling the exaggerated production and over consumption. The coating ensures excellent water repellency and strengthens the resistance to everyday wear and tear.

If you would like to know which uniform garments are treated with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating, please do not hesitate to make contact.

High quality uniforms
on demand

We wish to battle the challenge of over production and consumption offering our customers a tailored service solution that meets their needs for a sustainable and stylish uniform package.

The production of uniforms is mostly on demand, and we therefore only produce what our customers order. This makes us resource efficient and spares the planet and the profit.

We provide our customers with high quality uniform solutions never compromising on quality, look and feel. In close collaboration with the customer, we develop and design a uniform solution that performs in accordance with the airline’s needs and wants.

We look into which service setup is the best choice for the specific customer; which uniform solution to go for; and how to handle delivery. An effective and durable service solution is sustainable for our customers and us – and the planet, the people and the profit.

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