The Planet

Our impact - a work in progress

Sustainability is a complex topic. Environmental sustainability is no exception, as it has to do with everything from subcontractors and production facilities to logistics and recycling.

We guide our customers in choosing the best uniform solution to cater to their specific needs. We perform fittings and alterations and we set up a service solution that fits with the airline or corporation.

Our ambition is to guide our customers towards a more sustainable uniform solution. In doing so, the environmental sustainability is important as it covers considerations regarding fabrics and fibers, production processes, transportation and recycling of uniforms.

Corporate responsibility from production to use

Our unique uniform service solution incorporates various sustainable considerations. From the fabric, subcontractors and manufacturers to the fitting of the uniform wearers, alterations and repairs. We continuously look into possibilities of improving and developing these areas in a sustainable direction. This ensures that we always offer our customers high quality uniforms and sustainable opportunities.

Our environmental sustainability is also concerned with the production facilities at our headquarters in Denmark, e.g. how we sustain a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis.

Durability and longevity are the most important features of our uniform solutions. Designing for durability is the cornerstone of our environmental sustainability.

We work with fabrics free from harmful substances and most are certified. We offer customers alternative fabrics with recycled or organic fibers to heighten the sustainability of the uniform solution.

Olino takes part in projects concerned with recycling and reuse. We do this to gain insight and offer our customers guidance on how to dispose of used garments sustainably.

At our headquarters in Denmark, we seek to optimize production to minimize waste, and we save costs and resources whenever possible.

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