The employees
at Olino

The most important stakeholders are the employees at Olino and with our external partners.

The people
are the most important

Corporate sustainability is more than environmentally friendly materials and reduction of CO2 in production processes. Creating social sustainability is equally important. At Olino, we care about the people part of our organization and those associated with us in any other way.

Every day, we focus on the work environment and ensuring human rights. Not only do we seek to optimize our production and manufacturing for the sake of our planet; we wish to develop our social efforts contributing to a healthy and positive work environment too.

A culturally diverse

At Olino, we employ people of various ethnicities. A diverse workforce sparks creativity, effectiveness and inclusiveness. A diverse workforce with various backgrounds and mother tongues ensures a rich cultural life at the workplace. At our headquarters in Odense, Denmark, we employ approximately 20 people comprising six different nationalities.

Besides fostering a mentally healthy work environment, we also focus on the physical environment following Danish and European legislation. This includes conducting a work place assessment every three years and encouraging a healthy lifestyle every day.

We ask our subcontractors to follow several standards concerning their employees as well – if you would like to know more, please go to Code of Conduct or get in touch. 

Social events
for sustainability

To foster a healthy and happy work environment and create successful colleague relationships, we arrange several social events throughout the year.

We believe that social events develop a healthy organizational culture and build relationships across the workforce.

Olino hosts an annual Christmas party, serves breakfast for all employees each Friday and arranges different events throughout the year, e.g. workshops regarding personal and professional development for all Olino employees.

To develop our organization and workforce, we also participate in different projects to spark our sustainability efforts and internal development, e.g. a pilot project concerned with circular economy strengthening the environmental sustainability.

Assessment of the workplace
to ensure a healthy environment

Besides the work place assessment conducted every three years according to Danish law, we also welcome visits from The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA). WEA conducts inspections at Danish organizations to prevent accidents at the workplace and to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all employees.

The last inspection at Olino - conducted by the WEA - resulted in a green smiley. The green smiley concludes that Olino adheres to all regulations and rules and fosters a healthy and safe workplace environment at the headquarters in Odense, Denmark.

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