Community responsibility
Local sustainability

Supporting the local community and the people in our proximity is important to us.

Supporting local projects
and the community

Olino takes part in different local and national projects concerned with recycling and sustainability. We supply obsolete uniforms to design students and we donate old uniform garments to socio-economic and municipal organizations to support our local community.

We do this to explore the various opportunities for a greater environmental, social and economic sustainability – for our customers and us.

In order for us to be able to guide our customers towards greater corporate responsibility in terms of their uniform solution, we need good and fruitful collaborations with educational institutions, municipal organizations and other stakeholders. We gladly share our experience to develop the community and our customers’ sustainable solutions.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our sustainable projects related to recycling or education.

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The people
in our proximity

Besides donating uniform garments for social and educational purposes in order to strengthen both the social and environmental sustainability, we also support the people in the local community.

We hire locally when looking for new and skilled employees. It is important to us to have a diverse and culturally rich workforce, which is why we gladly hire people of different nationalities to add value to the Olino team.

Olino also offers internships or project collaborations with students and people currently outside the job market. It benefits the local community and us when we support the people in our proximity.

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