The People

The people are the most important

The environmental sustainability receives a lot of attention – and is obviously a very important pillar of the corporate responsibility. However, a serious sustainability effort also looks into the people and the profit of the corporate sustainability.

A good and serious effort on social sustainability creates greater employee satisfaction, productivity, fewer work related accidents and sick days and a positive reputation in the local community.

At Olino, we believe that the people are the most important entity of our business. This applies to the employees internally at Olino as well as the people associated with our business through partners, subcontractors and manufacturers.

We require our subcontractors to live up to the standards formulated in our Code of Conduct. If you wish to read the Code, please get in touch.

At our headquarters in Denmark, we create a healthy and positive workspace for the Olino employees.

Based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, our Code of Conduct asks our subcontractors to manage adverse impacts on human rights, the environment, anti-corruption and animal welfare.

We support different projects in our community and take a local social responsibility.

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