We wish to provide our customers with sustainable solutions

We wish to provide our customers with environmentally friendly uniform solutions and corporate wear.
In order to take care of the planet, the people and the profit of our and our customers’ businesses, we work seriously with recycled fabrics, eco-friendly production methods and other initiatives to reduce waste and emissions.

The cornerstones of our business include the proximity to our subcontractors and our vast experience in the industry. Located in Odense, Denmark, we are close to our main subcontractors and manufacturers in Europe. Furthermore, we have more than 35 years of experience in supplying uniform solutions to the aviation industry and corporate wear for businesses across various sectors.

To our customers and to us, durability and longevity of the uniform garments are the most important qualities. Based on our accumulated experience, we develop and design high quality uniforms that last.


Our corporate responsibility – a continuous process

As a member of Dansk Fashion and Textile, the industry association for textile and clothing companies in Denmark, we follow their recommendations and work with our sustainability according to the three pillars:

  • The Planet – Environmental sustainability
  • The People – Social sustainability
  • The Profit – Economic sustainability

Sustainable development is a constant work in progress. We continuously seek to optimize production to save resources and reduce emissions. We offer our customers alternatives to conventional textiles, e.g. recycled polyester and organic cotton, and we closely follow the further development in organic fabrics and recyclable textiles. We advise our customers on the different opportunities for recycling and reuse of the uniform garments – from design to end-of-use.  

Working with corporate responsibility is an endless process. We can always do better. We know that – and we strive to improve every single day.

If you have any questions about our sustainable initiatives or the way we work with corporate responsibility,please get in touch..


At Olino, we are serious about our impact on the environment. The environmental sustainability is a complex area and covers everything from fabrics to fittings.

The employees are the most important part of our business. The social sustainability is at the core of our corporate responsibility.

To support the environmental and social sustainability, we need a solid economic foundation. The economic sustainability ensures that we meet all demands in ethics and legislation.

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