Bamboo uniforms

A sustainable uniform solution

The attributes of bamboo are a unique fit for uniforms.

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with sustainable bamboo uniforms 

Solutions made from bamboo offer a number of features and details perfect for aviation uniforms and corporate clothing. Wearers will benefit from this choice of fabric, as the solution possesses inherent attributes ideally suited for uniforms and corporate clothing. Bamboo fabric is:

  • Protective against UV rays
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear
  • Highly breathable making it suitable for aviation clients
  • Smell free as the fabric absorbs and evaporates sweat
  • Temperature regulating – keeping you warm in colder climates and vice versa

Bamboo uniforms also give airlines and organizations an opportunity to add a sustainable touch to their clothing options.

Bamboo uniforms  
Comfortable and customizable

Clothing made from bamboo is not only highly breathable in warm weather; wearers will also feel much warmer when temperatures drop. Wearers will not only feel comfortable and acclimatized; they will also look professional.

Wearers will not feel restricted in the uniforms due to the added stretch. The uniform allows wearers to move around easily and freely.

Our bamboo uniforms are ready-to-wear and part of our standard stock program. We can add customized options to make the bamboo uniform fit your corporate clothing look. This allows you to develop a tailored solution based on your specific needs and requirements.

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Environmentally friendly  
uniform solutions

Besides offering several wearer benefits, bamboo is also an environmentally sustainable choice. Bamboo grows fast and naturally, is 100% biodegradable and does not require replanting as many other crops. Other benefits of bamboo include: 

  • It requires little or no water irrigation
  • No use of pesticides or fertilizers in production
  • Improves soil health and benefits the eco-system

Bamboo is extremely efficient in its space consumption as it grows upwards making it an abundant crop. Please contact us if you would like to know more about sustainable uniform solutions made form bamboo.

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