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Jettime is a Danish airline company founded in 2006. Jettime operates as a B2B flight carrier for airlines, travel agencies, corporate businesses and is the largest of its kind in Denmark.

The Jettime home base, where pilots, cabin attendants, technical and administrative staff work, is located in Copenhagen Airport close to the Olino Uniform Service Center.

Since the beginning in 2006, Olino has provided Jettime with their uniform solution. With the aim of creating a reliable delivery service, Jettime shares with us their recruitment forecasts and expected uniform requirements.

Based on this, we manage the supply chain to secure delivery on time. We also keep track of sizes, alterations, entitlements and consumption per crew member and feed statistics back to Jettime as needed.

Employee fitting for perfect fit and professional look

Complete service solution

Jettime benefits from our complete service concept.

As part of their training, new Jettime crew members undergo uniform fittings at our Uniform Service Center located at Copenhagen Airport. We prepare the uniform package, including any required alterations, and deliver the uniform on time.

At our Uniform Service Center, the Jettime crew members can pick up their new uniform garments and buy extra accessories.

Cabin crew

Jettime's uniform collection consists of a few highly visible Jettime items - such as aprons and waistcoats - combined with jackets, shirts and trousers from our Olino Standard stock range.

The standard items combined with customized features make a unique Jettime uniform that stands out and creates a strong visual identity across the company.

The Jettime uniform solution displays how garments from the Olino standard program combined with unique and distinctive details based on brand identity can make a personal and custom airline uniform. 

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