Bahrain Royal Flight
Classy and chic

A classy and bespoke uniform solution for the private flight carrier of Bahrain.

Elegant uniforms
for Bahrain Royal Flight

Bahrain Royal Flight is the private carrier for the royal family of the Kingdom of Bahrain and therefore solely specializes in VIP transportation. The Bahrain Royal Flight headquarters is located in the capital of Bahrain, Manama.

Bahrain is an island country located in the Persian Gulf. The domestic temperatures are therefore high; however, given the airline’s state as a private carrier for the royal family members, the Bahrain Royal Flight uniforms must perform across diverse temperatures and climates.

Bahrain Royal Flight therefore turned to Olino in 2017 to begin the cooperation of developing and designing the new uniform look.

Workwear uniforms with t-shirts with logo

A signature look for Bahrain Royal Flight

Olino began developing and designing the new and classy uniform solution for Bahrain Royal Flight based on a design presentation supplied by the airline. Bahrain Royal Flight wanted a modern and stylish appearance for their female cabin crew members underlining the identity and high quality of the airline company.

The 80 cabin crew members of the airline received a brand new uniform look consisting of a wide range of garments: uniform jacket, pants, blouse with gold buttons, airline skirt and flight attendant dress. The uniform range also covers various accessories underlining the exclusivity of the uniform appearance.

To complete the functional and classy uniform look, Olino also supplies Bahrain Royal Flight with outerwear. Bahrain Royal Flight launched their new Olino uniform in 2018.

Characteristic, classy
and customized uniforms

The official colors of the airline logo are red and gold. The significant colors served as important inspiration in the development and design phase of the new uniform solution for Bahrain Royal Flight.

The characteristic red color, used for several of the uniform garments, such as pants, dress, skirt and cardigan, makes the uniform easily recognizable. The red color also adorns many of the customized accessories, such as hat, belt and gloves, making the uniform look unique to the airline brand.

Customized logo buttons, belt buckle and hatpins in gold are important features of the uniform look, as it underlines the visual identity of the airline.

The identity of Bahrain Royal Flight shines through the classy and chic uniform look provided by Olino. Bahrain Royal Flight cabin crew members are very pleased with the uniform look in both the characteristic red and the classic grey. They find the uniforms “very comfortable and flattering to wear”.

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