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Distinctive details

Relaunch of the new Air Italy brand called for an updated uniform solution.

Rebranding of
Air Italy

Following the airline’s relaunch in 2018, Air Italy asked Olino to supply a classic and updated uniform look. Introducing a new brand, the need for high quality uniforms with distinctive details were in great demand.

Air Italy specializes in domestic, European and intercontinental destinations and therefore needs a uniform that performs across the world. With approximately 600 uniform wearers, including cabin crew, ground staff and pilots, Olino introduced a comfortable and fashionable wear for the Air Italy airline employees.

Air Italy launched the new uniforms in the beginning of 2019. The uniform range for Air Italy includes various garments, e.g. pants, skirts, jackets, waistcoats and a number of customized accessories.

Workwear uniforms with t-shirts with logo

A perfect fit with personal alterations

The burgundy and charcoal outer layers, also adorning the uniform of Qatar Airways, pose the design base for the Air Italy uniform. Several custom items with the company logo make Air Italy's uniform unique and easily recognizable to passengers.

The teal, grey and burgundy neckties and tie as well as pins and belt with logo underline the identity of Air Italy and unite the airline employees across functions.

We performed fittings of the cabin crew members, ground staff employees and pilots at the Air Italy headquarters in Olbia, Sardinia and the main operating base located in Milan Malpensa Airport. Following the fittings, we performed alterations to ensure a coherent and perfectly fitted uniform look across staff members.
Olino delivers the employees’ uniforms to the two Air Italy locations as part of the service solution.

The delight is in
the details

The Air Italy logo plays a significant role in the expression of the new uniform. The logo of the airline is incorporated into many of the accessories making the uniform look unique to the Air Italy brand. You can see the logo incorporated into the pattern of the neckties for female wearers and the ties of the male cabin crew and ground staff members.

Olino furthermore developed and delivered customized epaulettes containing the brand colors, teal, burgundy and grey, adding a customized feature to the look of the Air Italy pilots.

Air Italy wished for a uniform solution underlining the rebranding of the company, and Olino catered to their needs with high quality uniform garments and custom-made accessories and features.

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